Preschool Director: Diane Daniel

Solid Rock Preschool begins children age 3.  We have two years of training.  The Director has been leading the preschool at SRCC for 28 years.  She and her staff are committed to loving children and preparing them for the next stage of their education.  Preschool begins around Labor Day each year and runs to the first Thursday of May.  We hold school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

We provide a good learning environment.  Children will be enjoying lessons, show and tell, fun videos, crafts, having the St. James Fire Chief and truck visit, recess, nutritious snacks, and much more.

We are a Christian preschool and will be telling stories from the Bible.  We will start each day with pledges to the U.S. flag and the Christian flag.  Then we have a student check the weather and clothe Weather Bear and give their findings in front of the other preschoolers.  We will also celebrate birthdays.

We only request a donation of $5 dollars a month to help us buy snacks.  We are thankful for any donations we can receive.  We buy and maintain playground equipment, purchase educational toys, use lots of paper and decorate for various holidays and parties.

All our staff are volunteers.  Beyond Ms. Diane we have teachers who've served for up to 27 years.  We also have plain clothes security during preschool.  They will greet the children at the door, walk the outside perimeter of the building, check the playground, and make sure the building is secure for our children and staff.