Kenyan Mission

Solid Rock Christian Church along with other donors support the work of the Solid Rock Christian Church and Children's Home in Western Kenya. At present the Children's Home has 35 orphans they are caring for. Of course, they need food, clothing, education, medical assistance, and have other needs.

About 10 years ago Craig Rippy, Rick Huizinga, and Ken and Coral Henderson visited the Church and Children's Home for several days. We had a full house at the church building. The people were generous, kind and very hospitable. The preaching and teaching is Biblical and follows the John 3:16, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Acts 2:38 plan for salvation.

The Children's Home has grown since the first time we visited. The second trip Craig Rippy, Jeff Brown and Ken Henderson flew to Nairobi and made the rest of the 7 hour trip by car. The Children's Home had added new Dorms for the children, a dinning hall and a small kitchen. Now remember, we are in a third world country. The kitchen has a dirt floor with an open fire in one corner.

Now (Oct. 2021) the Home needs a new dinning hall, and more dorm space. They have purchased about 4 acres of land adjacent to the original property. The hope is to build a new church building and school on that property. At present the church building is being leased and is about a mile and a half from the Children's Home by road and half a mile by foot. Of course, they walk.

The two men we ordained were the two who were already preaching and teaching as Evangelists. One is the Director of the Children's Home and with his wife live on the Children's Home property. Both men travel to do evangelistic work. In the last 10 years they have started four congregations besides the home congregation.


*They always need more food (It takes about $600 a week).

*Construction of new Dinning Hall and projects on newly purchased land.

*Bibles are always needed. The work has spread to various tribes with their own tribal languages. Plus, the churches are growing and are always in need of Bibles.

*School is expensive: Each child must be registered for school. The average registration fees for all the school age children is about $4,000 twice a year. Schooling is expensive in Kenya. Private schools are usually much better than public schools. Either way they must pay registration fees.

*Then we have the occasional Medical/Hospital expenditures. The issue with hospitalization is that the hospital will not release the patient until the bill is paid. And they continue to add a daily fee for keeping the patient. The most we've paid is about $7,000 for a intestinal surgery and recovery.

*Transportation. A van is needed for the Children's Home. At present they have a car, but it is growing old and unreliable. The last time we visited they had borrowed an SUV to take us places.

*Salaries. The Children's Home has a Security Guard, Cook and another working that is paid. Presently it takes about $250 a month to pay their salaries.

Please pray for the Solid Rock Christian Children's Home and the work of evangelism by the two Evangelists.

As you can see the the ministry of helping orphaned children and evangelism can be costly. If you can support the work in Kenya you can send a check or use our PayPal link at the top of the page. Please indicate on check or PayPal that it is for the work in Kenya or it will be directed to the SRCC (USA) General Fund.

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