Worship Ministries
Worship Ministries Leader: Rick Huizinga

My name is Rick Huizinga, and although we are not native to St. James, my wife, Jena, and I have lived in St. James for nearly 18 years. The folks at Solid Rock are a surrogate family to us, and we enjoy getting to minister side by side with such wonderful people.  I am the Worship Minister, but as such, I am simply the lead worshiper of a group of fine and diverse people.

I know that life is full of distractions, and when people come to church, they come with all the “stuff that is life” on their minds. Therefore, it is the aim of the Worship Ministry Team to create an atmosphere that is conducive to worship at Solid Rock, and to help shift our focus to the Audience of One. We are involved with every aspect of the Sunday morning service and other miscellaneous special services.  Whether a person is up front, in the congregation, or working behind the scenes preparing for communion or running the audio and visual tools, and whether singing, praying, listening, or speaking, we desire to promote a focus on our Lord.
  February 2020  
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