Upcoming Events

2018 Gasconade Christian Service Camp

April 27-28      SPRING FEST

SpringFest is specifically designed for grades 4,5, & 6. You don't want to miss this high energy, fast paced weekend. Amanda Whirch, Dean


June 10-15      COMBO WEEK  (Grades 7TH-12TH)

We will be piloting a new week of camp this summer. Our Combo Week is designed for 7th-12th graders who are sold-out for Christ and love the camp experience. There will be a special project for the campers to complete!


June 17-22      INTERMEDIATE WEEK  (Grades 6-7)

Austin P & Cole S, deans.


June 24-28        JUNIOR WEEK  (Grades 4-5)

William Thompson, dean. Please note, this week ends Thursday at 2:00 PM. It is NOT immediately followed this year by First Chance.


June 29-30        FIRST CHANCE (Grades 2-3)

Jeff & Liz Wofford, deans. First Chance this year will begin Friday at 2:30 PM and end Saturday at 4:00. Parents are invited to attend this year. A background check through the camp MUST be completed before any parent is allowed to stay.


July 8-13         JUNIOR HIGH WEEK (Grades 8-9)

Brothers Dustin & Philip Moss, deans.


July 15-21       SR. HIGH WEEK (GRADES 10-12)

Matt Wilson and Jared Delegrange, deans.

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