Pastoral Ministries
Pastoral Ministries Leader: Gene Scantlin

I’m Gene Scantlin.  I’ve lived in the St. James area all of my life.  My wife, Fay, and I enjoy camping and spending time with our children and grandchildren, along with our involvement with SRCC.  We’ve both been members of SRCC since her beginning in 1992.

I am the leader of the pastoral ministry at SRCC.  This ministry is about the education and encouragement of the members of the congregation.  One of our goals is the education of members in the area of counseling one another to work through difficulties we may face in our daily lives.  Another is to help one another in the area of finances in this tough economy that we are facing.  We also endeavor to visit all our shut-ins and hospital patients, encourage one another with notes of encouragement, and provide meals to those who are unable to prepare them for themselves due to illness or hospitalization.

  January 2020  
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