June 26, 2015, 12:07 PM

Crime and Patriotism


In light of the recent crimes upon Americans I would like to state my opinion.  Crime is crime.  We don’t have to make every crime a racial issue.   If you are a citizen of the United States of America you are an American.   If a person kills another because of hate, or in a robbery it is murder.  To continue to rant race only destroys the cohesiveness of our great citizenry.

Politicians, Political Activists, the Media and  others who push racial bigotry by playing the “Blame Game” are doing so for personal, political and financial gain.  To be swept into the stream of the racial rant is near to treason.  It only aggravates, but never heals.  It breaks down the comradery of Americans.  It weakens the very fabric of our society.

Stand up and shout that crime is crime and treat it as crime.  To steal, bear false testimony, to vandalize, rape, or murder is a crime.  Our nation, states, counties, and cities have laws to enforce and we should allow the proper authorities to do so.  To rant race only shows we are petty and insecure.

All races are able to obtain higher education, better jobs, and be involved in their community betterment projects.  Our nation provides great incentives to gain education and employment.  I understand that getting out of some communities is difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

Parents, community figures, educators and city governments should be instilling into the children that they are Americans.  They can advance in education and good careers.  They need to be taught good and respectful values, which reveals the care of their families, neighbors, community and nation.  Instead of instilling racial bigotry, we should be encouraging our children to be Americans, and to be Patriotic (devoted) to making this country the best we can.

September 12, 2014, 11:00 AM


Our news agencies have given us story after story of racism.  I’m saddened that bigotry is still part of our culture for three reasons.

1) The primary reason is God is not a racist and doesn’t want mankind to discriminate.   I know some will go to the Old Testament to make a case that the Israelites were to destroy the races of people in the promised land.  Yet, the reason was not racially motivated, but morally motivated.  The peoples in the area promised to Abraham and his descendants had at one time honored the true God.  Genesis 14:18 tells us that Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High.  Melchizedek wasn’t an Israelite, but a native of Salem (Jerusalem), 400 years before Joshua lead the Israelites across the Jordan River.  During the 400 years after Melchizedek the nations of the land had left their belief in God the Creator and chose to be idolaters.  God is not a racist, for He created all races.  Yet, the nations, and families of these nations only taught their children to serve immoral idols.  God was teaching that He would be honored or there would be wrath.

2) Today we are under the New Covenant and we study the New Testament Scriptures to guide our lives.  Christians are part of a Nation, the Kingdom of God, but we aren’t a physical nation.  We are a spiritual nation marked into citizenship by the indwelling Holy Spirit.  The Old Testament Law was primarily for a nation of people, laws to govern the Israelites.  Today we are born again into the Kingdom of God through the Son of God.  Jesus died for the sins of the world.  He tells us to preach the Gospel to the world, to all nations.  All who repent and are baptized into to Him become citizens of God’s Kingdom.  The New Testament book of Acts shows the spread of the Gospel across Syria, Asia Minor, and into southeastern Europe.  Many nations, many races, and many repented of practicing false religions and even witchcraft.  God accepted all who turned to His Son for salvation from His wrath against sin.  No racism here.  God wants His people to seek and find the lost so they can become brothers and sisters in one family.  All who accept Christ are transferred into the Eternal Kingdom of God.  We are primarily citizens of God’s Kingdom and not European, American, Mexican, African, Asian, Indian, ect..  We are God’s children.

3) As we look at the United States of America we need to recognize that we are one nation under God.  We are a country of many races, but of one citizenship.  Whatever the color of skin, cultural background, or even religious practice, we are citizens of one nation.  As a Christian I am told to love my neighbor as myself.  The Christian should be able to be a good, kind, and loving neighbor to any person/family of any color skin, cultural background, or religious practice.  The Christian is to preach the Gospel, not shove it down the throat of our neighbor. God convicts and converts, the Christian makes disciples.  Our attitudes, actions and words should communicate God’s message of love and salvation.  The citizens of  the USA should be willing to work together to form a strong and prosperous nation.  Bigotry hinders that process and divides us.  Greater foes will appear on the horizon and we need to stand together.  When a person decides to place citizenship in the USA, they have left their previous nation, and have pledged allegiance to the USA.  There are no more Chinese Americans, African Americans, Indian Americans, British Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Korean Americans, Syrian Americans…  We are all Americans, citizens of The United States of America.  We need to quit identifying our ancestors homeland as a flag of separatism and identify ourselves  as fellow citizens of the USA.  Yes, we all have a heritage and we can be proud of that heritage and even celebrate it, but our greater celebration should be as United States citizens.  We are fellow citizens, not to play former citizenship or nationality over the present one.  If you are of German nationality, but a citizen of the USA then you are an American, not German, etc..  Let’s be one nation, with one heart to make our nation the most prosperous, safe and benevolent country in the world. 


by Craig Rippy

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June 19, 2014, 12:00 AM

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